Readers’ Circle FAQ

When I click my name, I get someone else's profile. Why isn't it showing MY profile?

This is likely because your username contains spaces and/or characters that the system can't understand.  Your screen name -- what people see displayed on the site -- can have numbers, symbols or spaces. But your username, what you use to log in to and what populates your profile URL, must contain no symbols, spaces or characters other than numbers and letters.

If you have trouble with this, please use this link to access your edit screen and update your username. Until then you will not be able to access most of the Readers' Circle features.

I'm using AOL and your site doesn't work for me. HELP!

AOL is a fairly dated interface and AOL-specific browsers are proprietary and do not usually contain all of the bells and whistles of modern Internet browsers, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome. It's highly recommended you check out the site in another browser outside of AOL's login interface. AOL browsers are not supported.

HELP! I'm having problems logging in, updating my profile or otherwise functioning on the website and I'm NOT using AOL!

This site was heavily tested under various user scenarios, so it's unlikely that it's the website itself that's the culprit. It could be a result of FAQ #1, the username/space issue mentioned above or it could be a browser issue or it could be a matter of a forgotten username or password.  If you do have a concern about the website, please provide thorough information in your inquiry. Please do not just report that the website "doesn't work". We'll need more information in order to help you, so please have the following information ready.

  • What is the error you're receiving?
  • What were you doing when you received the error?
  • What browser are you using (and even better, what version of that browser are you using? Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8? Firefox 2, 3?)
  • Are you on a Mac or a PC?
  • What is your username?
  • What is your password? (Some situations will require we have your password in order to test the situation as you if we're unable to recreate it on our own.)

Is the Readers' Circle private?

Yes, in that you must be a logged in member of the Readers' Circle in order to see profiles, trivia, groups or topics within groups. But it is not anonymous. When you use the features of the Readers' Circle, such as adding a friend, hugging a friend or inviting a friend, your email address may be revealed in the notification.  This is something that the developers of the software are working on offering an option for, but it's not currently available. Until then, please be aware that if you choose to connect with someone, they may be privy to your email address, but your profiles will not be visible to the general public and much of your profile is only visible to confirmed friends.

What are Discussion Groups?

The Reader's Circle offers discussion groups. This allows Readers' Circle members to participate in member-generated groups, so you can start book clubs, local meet-ups, etc.  You must be a logged in member to create a group and you must have joined a particular group in order to read the discussions and participate in the comments on a group topic.

What are group topics?

Within a group, there are topi threads. Members of a particular group may start a thread or comment on an existing thread within that group.  For example, a "Michigan Quilters" group might have topics within about a weekly meeting or a particular book their local club is reading. This is much like a forum or a message board.  Please use discretion when starting a new group or group topic and be sure to check for similar groups before you begin anew.

What is a Wall Post?

In addition to group topics, each group has it's own Wall, much like Facebook. If you are logged into the site and you are a member of a particular group, you can comment generally on that topic by posting on that group's wall.  This does not tie your comments or discussion to a particular topic and can be seen by any member of that group. Please use discretion on what is appropriate for a wall post vs. having a specific topic.

How can I tell if I've been invited to a group?

You should receive a notice via email that your friend has invited you toa group. But if you don't, in your dashboard, the menu on the right has a section for "Groups". Under "My Groups" you can find all of your pending group invitations.