The Elm Creek Quilts Fabric Collections

From Red Rooster Fabrics

Bestselling author Jennifer Chiaverini has created beautiful fabrics inspired by her beloved stories. Now honorary Elm Creek Quilters can re-create their own versions of the quilts featured in their favorite books, or evoke the Elm Creek Quilts spirit in their own original designs.

Christmas Bells Collection

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Sarah’s Collection

Bachelor's Puzzle Pink Paisley Rose Garland Beige Windowpane Check Pink Small Floral Light Green Rose Garland Pink Rose Garden Small Floral Light Pink Rose Bouquets Sarah's Floral Stripe Green Paisley Sarah's Floral
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The Giving Quilt Collection

Cutwork Dark Red Cutwork Light Green Cutwork Gold Pinewood Gold Pinewood Red Poinsettia Red Pinewood Light Green Poinsettia Cream Small Poinsettia Light Green Cutwork Dark Green Ornaments Multi Holly Green
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Rosa’s Collection

Twenties Floral Green Ocean Purple Ocean Rust Ocean Cream Grape Leaves Purple Twenties Floral Yellow Grape Leaves Green Grapevine Black Rosa's Vineyard Black Ocean Gold Grapevine Light Twenties Geometric Multi
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Caroline’s Collection

Floral Dark Sage Plaid Pink Floral Light Sage Plaid Lilac Rose Garden Brocade Cream Lace Sage Floral Light Pink Bouquets Cream Bouquets Pink Floral Dark Pink Lace Cream
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Anneke’s Collection

Anneke's Floral Red Scatter Floral Cream Anneke's Floral Blue Floral Stripe Red Tiny Floral Beige Tiny Floral Gold Interlocking Brown Paisley Interlocking Red Floral Vine Beige Interlocking Blue Interlocking Dark Green
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The Aloha Quilt Collection

Tropical Floral Green Lava Dark Purple Lava Light Purple Petroglyphs Light Green Lava Red Hawaiian Blocks Kapa Stripe Multi Kapa Stripe Cream Lava Green Tropical Floral Beige Ti Leaves Green Ti Leaves Dark Green
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Joanna’s Collection

Cotton Boll Green Palmetto Gray Sweetgrass Basket Pink Palmetto Green Charleston Floral Brown Braid Multi Palmetto Brown Cotton Boll Pink Charleston Floral Gray Antebellum Brown Charleston Floral Pink Floral Stripe Brown
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Quilters’ Kitchen Collection

Fragrant Aromas Multi Kitchen Stripe Teapots and Dishes Pin Dot Green Pin Dot Light Green Pin Dot Gold Fruit and Berries Beige Leaves and Berries Pin Dot Pink Summer Toile Green Fruit and Berries Blue Fragrant Aromas Green
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The Winding Ways Quilt Collection

Winding Ways Green Baby Rattles Rose Apple Blossom Pink Wheat Flowers Multi Baby Rattles Gold Apple Blossom Brown Winding Ways Multi Wheat Flowers Light Yellow Homespun Gold Tortoise Crane Green Apple Orchard Light Apple Orchard Dark
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New Years Quilt Collection

Blue Toile Rings Red Fireworks Green Plaid Gold Starry Sky Dark Blue Snow Light Blue Starry Sky Beige Plaid Green Snow Dark Blue Fireworks Blue Plaid Red Starry Sky Red
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Elizabeth’s Collection

Barley Light Green Apricot Red Ocean Gold Apricot Orchard Green Barley Pink FLW Glass Rose Art Deco Fans Multi Art Deco Fans Green Barley Dark Yellow Apricot Orchard Beige Ocean Beige Apricot Green
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The Circle of Quilters Collection

Circle Beige Gretchen's Floral Pink Grapevine Stripe Brown Circles Purple Grapevine Gold Russell Purple Diagonal Stripes Purple Wine Country Gold Circles Sage Grapevine Stripe Red Grapevine Purple Circles Green
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The Christmas Quilt Collection

Winter Landscape Red Christmas Floral Light Evergreen Beige Snowflake Beige Holly Dark Green Scroll Gold Frost Red Christmas Floral Dark Scroll Red Winter Landscape Beige Snowflake Gold Tartan Green
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Dorothea’s Collection

Scrolls Light Green Eccentric Green Eccentric Blue Celestial Blue Maple Leaf Gold Celestial Pink Scrolls Red Eccentric Purple Celestial Beige Signature Floral Light Signature Floral Dark Maple Leaf Green
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Cross-Country Quilters

Stars Plum Stripes Gold Grace Rust Swirls Green Stars Gold Leaves Wine Stars Wine Leaves Light Rust Stars Green Swirls Dark Rust Leaves Cream Grace Gold
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Gerda’s Collection

Gerda's Floral Brown Small Flowers Blue Leaves Brown Berries Blue Paisley Brown Manor Brown Berries Red Gerda's Floral Red Roots Red Roots Blue Berries Beige Small Flowers Brown
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Sylvia’s Collection

Lilacs Red Scatter Pink Plaid  Beige Lilacs Gold Plaid Green Pebbles Blue Elm Creek Blue Plaid Pink Lilacs Pink Elm Creek Gold Texture Beige Lilacs Purple
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